At The Greeley Headshop you can buy an inexpensive glass pipe, a variety of glass water bubblers, super heady hand blown glass down to classic metal  pipes . We have the original proto pipe, sneak a tokes, and cigarette one hitters. We offer hand blown glass pipes that are made of heavy duty hand blown glass. We sell a selection of glass water bubblers including large glass sidecar hammers and color changing Sherlock bubblers. Find classics like wood dugouts one hitters, and our Zeppelins are great for traveling, One hitter chillums are nice and small. We also carry herb grinders, hemp rolling papers or blunt wraps, and stealth digital scales.

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We know other shops are over priced and understocked. That’s why we offer super low prices  and will try to match the competition.  We absolutely have the best prices in Greeley , Colorado ! Come down and check us out and see for yourself! We won’t be beat!